Traveling to Sweden with Yuusk Android App

Whether you visit during spring or summer, autumn or winter, Sweden is always a good idea. In Southern Sweden you can expect beautiful beaches and lowlands with hills. This  part of Sweden is perfect to be explored during the month of May when the fields seem to be covered in gold due to the beautiful canola. This places in Sweden are perfect for landscape photographers.

The Northern Sweden – well here you can drink water straight from the source and believe me that it tastes like heaven! Also here you can expect snow, mountains, reindeer and amazing landscapes.

Here’s a list of fun things to do in Sweden:

Meet a wild Reindeer! Go visit Rudolph’s wild cousins!


Catch the Northern Lights


Catch the Midnight Sun




Pick Wild Blueberries


Watch an Ice Hockey Game


Make a Snow Angel



Best time to visit Sweden? Well, it depends on what you wanna do. For sightseeing it is recommended to visit Sweden during late spring, summer or early autumn. For Festivals and markets in June or July, for beaches in August (most Swedes take their yearly vacation in July and the beaches are very crowded in this month of the year). If the main purpose is to see the amazing Northern Lights and experience a real winter wonderland then you should go visit it in January and February.

Do you wanna go right now in Sweden but have no partner? No friend or relative who want to go? No problem! You can always find someone who want’s to travel on Yuusk is the most exclusive community where people travel a lot and make new friends all the time. If you do not want to use the desktop or mobile version you can download the Yuusk android App!

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