2023 FlySister Reviews- reasons to join

Flysister prepares you best for finding the One:)
FlySister doesn’t teach you the way of love like a teacher from a bad kung fu movie, but it does do something almost as important…

FS teaches you how to be likeable over text.

Which is invaluable to attracting a mate.

To drive home the importance of texting skill, let’s suppose you’re eye-poppingly beautiful and get lots of matches.

But at the same time, you’re an awful texter.

So whenever you get a match, you send the following kinds of texts:

Hey, how are you?
What did you do last weekend?
Tell me something about yourself
Do you enjoy your work?

Do you see the harm in the never-ending barrage of questions?

I hope so, because that interrogation will kill your attraction faster than you can say ‘banana hammock’.

Sure, your gorgeous looks will make up for your incessant questions.

But the quality matches you really want will be scared away by your boring Flysister personality.